Pumpkins and Pumpkins - PreTeen Edition

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We've been doing this pumpkin carvin' thing for years now ~ 

They were soo tiny when we first started documenting our lives via this here blog...
Man, how time has flown!

Now, they are practically teenagers...

And with the invention of Pinterest! 
Well, we had to, right?

This is the part where I declare, everything you see on Pinterest is...well.

And why is it that this stuff always sounds sooo fun, until you are actually DOING it?
So, we took one of our metal, star cookie cutters.
It would be this glorious pumpkin with glowing stars?


***Also, note that yellow paint all over the front steps?
Yeah. Minions. Don't try THAT one at home.
At least not if you are us! Aye Aye Aye! ***

So, the cool, star cookie cutter thing...
Derek used a Mallet...had some fun...

And then.
And then.
Just this.

Once we got the mangled, now-non-usable-cookie cutter out, we simply gave up.
I hope the squirrels are enjoying packing this pumpkin away for winter!

So, traditional pumpkins it is!

Again, why is this always so much fun in theory, until you are actually cutting, digging, manipulating...

Thankfully it was a beautiful afternoon...so we soaked up the sun regardless.

We are going to try and plant the seeds next spring ~ 
We'll see what comes of that brilliant idea...

And the only picture of the 'finished' pumpkins, 
taken with our ghouls on Halloween night!

We've come such a long way over the years...
One of the reasons I love documenting life via this here blog...is looking back...

He wore that Scooby costume three. years. in. a. row.
Bless his heart.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't that he loved Scooby Do, which he did/does.
It's that he had the thinking that everyone is something for Halloween, and his something, was Scooby Do!

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